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About us

Who are we?

Virtualetic is an Australian Virtual Assistant business operating since 2010. We establish connections with our happy clients when we deliver Virtual Assistance, Social Media, Blogging and Website Services; making us part of their team for the short or long haul.

" Our aim is simple; we want to save you time and add professional, high end and creative value to your business.

We have a number of packages designed to give you the best of our talent. Any of our packages can be combined to suit your needs; so if you need a dash of social media support, a spoonful of website pizzazz and a cupful of administrative assistance to help you run your business smoothly and keep your online presence consistent and professional, Virtualetic has your business needs covered.

Our experienced professionals believe the value in a business is established by 3 very important fundamentals



having the right administrative support; and that means someone you can count on to get the work done; someone who's a team player, someone who supports you

Screenshot 08_19_2022 09_35_59.jpg


social media that shares your experiences, your knowledge and establishes your expertise in addition to creating a noticeable presence through commitment to consistency and quality

What we do!

Screenshot 08_19_2022 09_59_46 (1).jpg


a website that allows visitors to see what you offer and how professional you are.

Feeling the overwhelm? You are not alone.

A majority of business owners struggle with these fundamental elements; and that’s where Virtualetic takes the burden off you. Whether it’s a time constraint or you’re overwhelmed;  a moment where ‘I’m not sure how to do it’ challenge or a ‘I just need to someone to do the work so I can concentrate on building and driving my business’ Virtualetic understand your dilemmas and can offer you reliable and professional support for the short or long haul.

Integrity – Reliability – Professionalism

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