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Virtualetic Virtual Assistant

What we can do for you

General Administration – completing forms, data entry, updating documents and spreadsheets, creating templates and undertaking research.

Creative support – Think flyers, brochures, business cards, Word and Powerpoint document template creation and upgrades.

Event & Meeting Support – Our Virtual Assistants can take attendee bookings for you, gather information on your attendees, find, brief and book venues on requirements.

Document Management – Harnessing the power of excel, word, adobe and powerpoint we can update any document, either regularly or once of.

Calendar Management – We can keep you and your team organised by managing your online calendars.

Online System Management – From CRM’s to sub-directories, we can manage any online system that you enter data into, update and have setup to support your business operations.

Customer Care – We get to know you’re business well, so we can answer you’re customer enquiries with ease, respond with professionalism, provide information with integrity and importantly help your leads and customers get the best out of your business. Whether it be by phone or email, or by using your online systems we can be there to take care of your customer queries and needs.

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