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Quality Australian Virtual Assistant Services that work with you

 We’ve worked with Chefs, Presenters, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Data Specialists, Solopreneurs , Directors and small-large businesses.

With a team, or independently, our Australian Virtual Assistant Service guarantees to get the work done!


If you have repetitive tasks that leave you team time-poor, lacking energy and not able to focus on building and driving your business, our Virtual Assistant Services are just what you need.

  • Does you or your team need support that is productive, reliable, creative, detail oriented and gets things done?
  • Do you want an Australian VA who speaks clear Australian English, knows the Australian market and communicates with you , your customers, partners and stakeholders with ease; both in written and verbal form?
  • Are you ready to embrace progress, and work with a Virtual Assistant to get things done?
  • Could you spend  less if you didn’t have an Assistant in-office, where you had to supply equipment?
  • Are you doing everything yourself, stifling your freedom, or time to grow your business?
  • Is your team not focusing on their core responsibilities because they’re too busy?
  • Are you tired of repetitive, time consuming business tasks?

Virtualetic provides quality Australian Virtual Assistant Services that allow you to do more with less. So contact us today with a list of tasks you need us to get done and we’ll see which of our packages works best for you. If you do not have the task processes in place yet, don’t worry we’ll help you with that!

Choose from our Basic, Creative and Team Member Packages to find the right support for you.

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